Maintain a document using technical document procedure

Imagine you are a Technical writer working for a hi-tech company with various offices in various towns, and who knows. Could be on different continents Let us say that the job as a technical author is complicated by the following variables. 1 You are working on multiple assignments at one time. 2 Your inspection and project team members are not found in precisely the exact same office in which you work. You write the initial String of Document a on Assignment A and ship it to the Inspection Team RT A in City A. Then as you are waiting to get the comments and opinions from RT A, you begin working on Document B for Assignment B. After a while you understand that you did not receive the comments from RT A nonetheless because there is been a change in job specs and they ask you to change certain segments of Document A to reflect these spec changes.

At the meanwhile, you complete the first draft of Document B and ship it out to RT B. That is also the time as soon as your Supervisor asks how it is going with Document A because the Job A Leader has whined to a Supervisor the initial draft did not reflect the most recent spec changes – fearing to disclose those modifications were executed AFTER you filed the initial draft. While you try to describe the situation to your Supervisor, she inquires the date where you have precisely delivered the very first edits to RT A and RT B. All of a sudden you are at a loss and you also guarantee your Supervisor which you will dig through your previous e-mails and populate a record of dates. You then say that you also talked to two members of Job B and assessed them of their progress in Document B. Whenever your Supervisor asks you that the date on which such dialogue happened, you feel at a loss as you have not listed it everywhere.

Does this seem a bit Complex for you. Should it, trust me that am exactly how occasionally things might look and feel at the fast environment of a hi-tech firm. You may easily eliminate track of the several alterations, communications and conversations that are related to your files if you do not keep careful records. That is why I strongly recommend you maintain a Document Status Log for every single document you are working on and look at intelligent document processing platform. This should be a desk using the following columns. Date, Description. The rows must booked for dates. Each time a Significant development happens that is anything to do with your record, while it is a telephone conversation or a comments received or received, listing it in this log, along with the titles of parties involved. If, by way of instance, you send an email to five individuals, record each of their titles in this log.