Maintaining and Recoating a Timber Deck

Timber decking will enhance outdoor living spaces and garden design and comes in a range of colors and variations. They are cooler than concrete and can add and garden and a stunning look. It is important to keep a deck to keep it in working order and looking its best. A simple maintenance habits can do this.

  1. Once a year check your deck over for timber split rot, pests and rust of the fastening. This should not require any more then 5 to 10 mins. If you discover an issue that must be fixed it is ideal to repair it as soon as possible to keep the appearance and safely of your deck.
  2. Recoat the deck using decking water or oil based decking protection product. Both keep the planks sunlight and the weather and will protect and improve the appearance of the wood.

How to recoat a deck?

Decking oil will last 1-2 years past and 6-12 months entirely exposed to this element s. Water based decking products last from two to four decades fully exposed based on the type and brand of the product. Protection is offered by the water and will cost more to purchase than decking oil although both enhance the appearance of the wood plank.

Oil Finish

Clean up:

Prepare the deck coated or recoated. This measure is the most significant. Some deck revive the wood color prepared for the coating and will eliminate the wood. For those who have a whole lot of rough weathered timber decking planks it is ideal to sand them smooth after the cleaning was done, so the sanding process does not push the dirt to the timber fibers.

Apply the coat:

When the deck is clean and restored to its original condition you are ready to begin to coat the planks. Be sure that you read the directions of the item that you are employing as some products are applied to dry decking and other people to wet decking. With a lamb’s wool pad apply the coat in strokes. Coat two to three boards at one time flowing the coating. Use a broad clean paint brush to coat the advantages of up near the home or other structures remembering to coat the end dish thoroughly.


When the first coat is dry in 2 to 4 hours recoat in precisely the identical manner as step two. Until you will need to re-apply some deck coating systems coating up to four times but will last. Remember coating may have adjusted or a pigment added to improve the wood color the more you recoat the pigments longer you see. Therefore the time can becomes dark a pigment. Take this into account when you are picking your coat color. Once the coating is dry, sit relax and enjoy. Get the facts by visiting the site